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Drabble wars time and again my enter button hates me! GRR~ Anyways this one is this prompt (and probably SUCKS horribly!)
Prompt- Zuko/Aang.  Aang/Katara. Unrequited love. Coming in on the wrong end of a conversation.  Misinterpretation. “It’s never right, but it’s never wrong.  I just know I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.  That’s what happens loving him.”

Bare feet brush along the tiled floor as he makes his way around his home. Cracks that he has long since memorized (when his father was not around, it was not proper for a future leader to walk around bare footed), press against his calloused feet. His baggy bottoms flutter around his ankles, a stray thread occasionally catching on his toe nail, as he scratches at his stomach. His mind was still bogged down with sleep, movements sluggish and slowed as he attempted to make his way to the kitchen. He needed some of his uncle's tea and soon if he was going to keep from sleeping standing upright.

Rounding the corner he can hear the fiery whispers of an intense- yet hushed- argument. Remnants of harshly bitten words still hung in the air, filling it with a thick tension that made the still half asleep prince pause at the doorway. Just to his left he could see the water bender and the avatar- no...Aang- outside in the small garden.

Quickly Zuko pressed himself against the wall, frozen in place. He needed to cross the doorway to get to the kitchen. (Zuko swore he was going to have a second path made after today) Yet he could not get himself to walk by. It was not rare to see the two fighting, they argued like an old married couple most of the time. But never his harshly.

He could barely pick up any of the words, occasionally a spare word slipped through, ('love,' 'fire,' 'never in my dreams,' 'Sokka was right,'). He wanted to press closer to find out. Zuko slipped to the edge of the doorway, needlessly pressing himself against the chilled stones. Ears strained as he tried to pick up the voices.

"I'm sorry," Aang pressed anxiously, "I told you it was a stupid dream!' Zuko could see the young boy shaking his hands in the air, a small air ball forming as he gestured.

His view of Katara was much clearer as he watched her shake her head, black tresses flowing as she stepped back. "No," her voice cracked and wobbled of unshed tears, "even if it was and even if you can't control your dreams, the fact that you dreamed it means it's in there somewhere." She gestured to his head tapping the blue arrow slightly. "I...I just don't get it. Do you know how I felt waking up to hear you mutter those things?"

"I'm sorry. What else do you want me to say?" Aang stepped closer to Katara, and with each step he took she retreated, eyes pointed to the ground. "Besides it can never happen. He has an image to live up to, just like me."

Katara shook her head again, eyes planted firmly at the grass under her feet. Anger coursed through her as she rubbed her toe into the grass, ripping and destroying a few blades of grass. "You can say nothing." She whispered brokenly.

Zuko turned and quickly made it back to his room. He did not need the tea anymore. His heart thudded in his chest as he turned towards his room. Aang...Aang felt...

Felt the same way he did...yet he would never admit it for image. He swallowed the bile that gathered in the back of his throat, and tried to pull himself together enough to be able to face Aang again later.

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