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Eyes open! Who sees, understands, how mercilessly time passes.

Why does my enter key hate me so much today?!?!?! Anyways round…

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Why does my enter key hate me so much today?!?!?! Anyways round 2....And I fail at this!

Prompt: Jin/Yusuke. Love is playful, sex an adventure. Sparks in the rain. "I love your ears."

Warning: I guess post and pre lemon spot, like that middle area where you just kinda go- WOW....Yeeeeeaaaaaah.....


The sheet tickles his back as he breathes deeply, face buried deep into his arms. His warm breath caresses his cheeks before sliding between the cracks of his arms. Beside him he can feel the demon move slightly, the blanket slipping further down his back.

His words are muffled as he talks into his pillow, the warmth of his breath becoming sufficating yet he can not get himself to move his face away.

"Eh," Jin mumbles as he tosses an arm over Yusuke's back, the thin arm resting against the bare scapula. Lips plant butterfly light kisses over any scarred skin that he can find. His fingers trace designs over the pale skin, tracing faint scars and writing in his native language loving words (Yusuke almost knows everything that he's writing).

"Your ears," his face pulls away from the pillow, instead resting on top of his crossed arms as he stares into the soft eyes next to him, "did anyone ever tell you they twitch when you're excited. And I don't mean battle excited." He pauses for a second before smirking, "...well maybe I do, but not that kind of battle." Yusuke winks at the Wind Master's shocked face. It wasn't often that Yusuke could shock the other boy, and when he did, he loved to burn the memory in his mind.

Jin mutters, his cheeks slowly matching the shade of his wild hair as he buries his face into Yusuke's neck. "Nah, never heard that before," he mutters, attempting to remain light hearted and keep the growing embarrassment out of his voice. He knows he fails horribly as soon as his shakey voice hits his ears.

"Don't worry," Yusuke rolls him over onto his back, smiling down at his blushing lover. The blanket falls down to his waist and Jin can only stare, breaths coming in small pants as he stares at Yusuke above him. "Like I said before," a tongue slides along the outer rim of his left ear, "I like your ears. Let me show you what I mean."

  • There is absolute total love for this from me! -wraps it up in a bow and places it in my Memories- This is awesome chickie, I totally totally love this. Seriously.

    Edited at 2013-06-15 04:36 am (UTC)
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