Saku (arizonaicerose) wrote,

Drabble wars time again...

Prompt: Miroku/Kagome Shattered. Spiritual powers. "I’m not a substitute."

Warning: Angsty...I guess haha

It hurts; the pain resembling a knife digging deep into her soul. And for once she understands what others meant when they said it felt like they were broken. Because that was what she was now. A broken shell of her normal self.

Hands press against her ears and Kagome tries to focus all her energy on the steady thump of her pulse echoing in her ears. It is an old trick that she has used ever since she was a little child that was terrified of the storm outside her bedroom window; block out your ears, block out the sounds that scare you and you have no reason to be scared. No reason to hurt.

Breathing slowly, she tries to calm the fluttering that floods her ears, but it is impossible to slow it enough. Her soul still hurts, and when her mind flutters onto why it hurts, she finds the pulse in her ear thumping faster.

Tears do not gush from her eyes, unlike how she had expected. She can feel them brewing, yet they just remain deep in the back of her throat. Swallowing reflexly she winces at the pain it feels like a brillo pad has scratched the outter layers of her esophgus.

Hands slide down, away from her ears (the trick does not work, she still feels terrified) as they lie limply in the dirt she is sitting on. Nails dig trenches into the hard ground as she focuses on branches in the outer layer of the forest.

Off in the distance she was certain she could hear her name being called, could hear the staff pounding against the steep ground (a sound so common to her after so many long trips). Kagome wants to scream out where she is, have someone want her. To want her, not the person that they wanted her to be.

She was almost always certain that she was nothing more then a replacement for so many people. InuYasha never made it a secret that he saw so much of his ex in her. That he wanted her for her ability to sense the shards and sometimes for a warm body he could press up against (often he would whisper into her neck just how much she even smelled like Kikyo).

She just wanted to be special for being herself; for being nothing more than a clumsy, 'C' average, teenaged girl. Not because she shared a pristess' soul. Not because she could sense magical shards of a powerful jewel. Not because she had powers. But just because she was an ordinary girl that loved to sleep in every morning, sing at night and shop with her friends.

Her head rested on the tree trunk, hair messing up as it tangled on the rough surface. The pain was still present- perhaps stronger than before- yet she still could not force herself to cry. Instead she could only stare blankly at the young monk that made his way towards her, brows knitted with worry as he sat down beside her, arm wrapping tightly around her shoulders. Nothing was said as he allowed her to lean against him, eyes staring blankly ahead- unseeing of anything. Enough had been said eariler today.


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