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Eyes open! Who sees, understands, how mercilessly time passes.



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EDIT: Two things! First if I do get enough of these pictures I may make it into a book, something that I could show just how awesome all of you are!

And secondly- I decided on a charity. Gackt is currently setting up a Charity. I decided to give the money to that, so it can go to where it needs to the most. Since he lives there, he will know where it is most needed. Here is the link- http://gackt.com/show_your_heart/us.html (this is the english translation!)

&hearts &hearts &hearts

Times like these, when a disaster happens it is amazing how the internet can come together and help those in need. With every disaster that has happened, we have always banded together- put aside our differences- we no longer see shipping wars or fandom fights. Instead we all band together and help out..

By ourselves we may be small, but when put together we can move mountains. Lets band together and help out once again. The current events in Japan are horribly sad. Something that makes us all cry. Such destruction is inconceivable. There are auctions out there like help_japan  but sometimes when financial woes or lack of time/talent/whatever makes it impossible to participate it may bring you down. However what I propose would take nothing more then a sharpie and a camera (web, cell, fancy, whatever kind) and nothing more!

That's why I am offering this up.

Take a picture, with the saying "From the Internet With Love!" and post it as a reply to this post. For each picture that is posted here I will give a dollar! I know a dollar may not seem like alot, but if 100 pictures are given that makes 100 dollars. I propose this amount hoping it will take off good!

Be creative, write it on your body (Rated PG please, no nudity shots), write it on paper, use your food, make your soup spell it. Decorate it however you want- hearts. You can have your favorite character holding it. Let your plushies hold it. Make your dog hold a sign. Whatever, but it must be a picture with the saying- "From The Internet With Love!". It can be in any language- so if english isn't your first language feel free to do it in whatever is. Or whatever you know. You can even send more then one picture- try to change it around a little though (don't send the same picture over and over...)

Pimp this out, spread the word. I would love to see expand and blossom into something amazing! I will even post proof of the donation at the end of this! (I'm thinking about March 31st, but I can make it go longer if needed.)

You don't need a LJ account, I'm leaving this for posts from anyone. SO SPREAD THE WORD!!

I will start!

(sorry my love smeared a lil...blah kittens can be annoying at times!)

Now pull our your camera and your sharpie and have fun! SHOW ME SOME EPICNESS!!
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