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Eyes open! Who sees, understands, how mercilessly time passes.

made by  theqilin</lj>  If you want to be…

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made by theqilin</lj> 

If you want to be added just comment here so I can add you back too!

Name: Becky
Nicknames: Saku
DOB: July 24, '83
Zodiac: Leo
Chinese Zodiac: Boar
Characteristic: Ok so I am a pretty weird person. In real life when you first see me, you may see a quiet girl just hanging out in the back. However once you get to know me you find that that 'quiet girl' is wrong. Instead I am the type that will sing in a resturant just because. Or that will squee over any fandom that I love. I am a pretty open-minded person, independant, subborn, friendly, a good listener, hyper, procrastinator, creative, weird.
If any of this makes you smile and wanna know more feel free to add me. I just ask that you tell me somewhere so I can add you back!
I only have 1 rule on my LJ. No attacking others. Go do that on yours, not here. If you have something against one of my friends here either keep it to yourself or tell me through some other form.

Email~ saku-rose@hotmail.com
YIM- blackrosekitsune
Facebook~ Here


  • You seem quite fun! Adding you :)
  • I don't normally do this, but I saw you on the Tucson community and thought you looked cool. Wanna be friends?
  • adding you 'cause you seem cool!
  • Hello! I'm from the holiday_wishes comm and I thought you seemed pretty cool! Mind if I add you?

    Oh! On a different note...do you like Hetalia by any chance? I saw the tomato song (which was super super adorable) and I thought you would. XD
    • Yay! Of course ya can add me~ *adds back*

      Hehe I LOVE Hetalia! By the way- I love your icon! *snuggles icon*
  • I love Anime, especially XXXholic and YYh, And your profile is fun! May I Add? (almost forget : I've seen you around at yuyu_matchmaker which created by un_ladylike
  • Hi! Added you because you're the first person to ever bid on something by me ; )Plus, you seem cool. I LOVE your Homophobia Free flag. That is so totally made of win.
  • (no subject) -
  • You seem fun (plus you love Yu Yu Hakusho~) Already added you~
  • Thank you so much! I want to send you a hand made christmas card me & nico make them :) email me your adress nyteacher2005@yahoo.com
  • /feels awkard lol


    I was just wondering if you got my email ;; I still need your receipt for the help_nz auction, I know arachnes_web told me you were having trouble with lj notifs and that she received your receipt and saw that you paid in a lump sum and that my name was misspelt or something?

    I just need it so I can confirm the donation and of course I need to know what you want in your fic ;; I PM'd you and emailed you so I thought I'd try here too. Sorry! D:
  • help_japan fic

    Hi! I've tried a couple of times to get in touch with you through email and a message here on lj, but so far no luck! I'd really like to talk to you about the help_japan fic that I owe you~
  • Photographs of Scotland on help_japan

    Hi there. :)

    I tried contacting you via the email address provided, and via PM, but no luck, so I thought I'd give it a shot here. :) We were just wondering if you'd had a chance to think about anything you'd like to see, or if you'd like us to send you a random mix. Either way is cool with us. Also, we're going to need an address we can send them to.

    Again, if you're in any way affected by the events in the southern states, please don't worry about this. Just take your time and let us know. :)
    • Re: Photographs of Scotland on help_japan

      Hi sorry! My computer crashed and then work just got totally insane so life on the net kinda came to a stand still.

      I'll send you a PM right now of everything! Thank you!
  • Hi. I bought a short fic from you as part of the fundraiser for help_japan back in March. Did you ever write it? I saw on the comm where you posted that you received the virtual gift I sent as payment, but I never heard from you. I know it's been six months and it's probably silly that I'm asking now, but I just wondered if you had sent it and I never received it for some reason, or if it was posted somewhere that I didn't see it. Thanks!
  • thx for the v-gift luv
  • Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

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